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We are very proud to be working with CERN’s (AIS) group who is responsible for delivering integrated and reliable corporate information systems to the entire CERN organisation. We are working with the AIS group to replace the existing installation of commercial and home grown systems serving more than 650,000 report executions per year with a unified Business Analytics, reporting platform and data warehouse to provide a single, 360 view of its operational data to the CERN community of more than 15,000 users.


We started working with this leading Telco as disparate legacy systems were starting to have a major impact on those using the systems and customers receiving support. 
Whilst some data, unstructured and structured, had been collected from a number of different systems some of the legacy systems were not collecting availability or issue data at all. 
This caused considerable impact on time and wasted effort for the support operators but left customers disillusioned with the support the company provided. The management had no clear way to isolate impacts and measure effectiveness and performance
To support the improvements required from data, analysis and reporting we delivered a solution based on the Pentaho Business Analytics platform. 
The first phase of the project was to identify and standardize the data landing for all data and develop a common interface for data recording and collection. To do so, a custom workflow to extract and manipulate data was developed with a ETL process.
The next phase included ETL processes to extract, cleanse and manipulate data and move the data into a a data warehouse.
Several data marts were developed to configure data, allowing the definition of performance objectives and calculate KPIs.
Business analysts are able to define their own KPOs/KPIs and to automatically retrieve up-to-date information through a standardized set of configurable scorecards. 
This approach has allowed the analysts to perform analysis without further IT support, simply plugging in new data sources. The new sources are declared and defined into the system through a dedicated web interface.
To support the management team, reports and dashboards have been developed and integrated into the company management information systems. 
Today, customer center data has been integrated into information systems and issues can be identified over time. Where issues impact the service in the short term this can be quickly identified with cause analysis to quickly isolate and correct issues impacting the service to customers. 

We worked with this leading media buying agency to reduce the cost of on-boarding and managing customers, who rely on the agency to warehouse, manage, inject media data, analyse and report on performance as well as forecast modelling.
Operationalising the ingestion of multiple data sources and maintaining the integrity of data for continuous reporting had previously taken days and when delivering reports across a reporting cycle; daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and so on, stretched resources to breaking point. This had been a huge challenge in time and effort resulting in analysts spending too much time on data integrity and producing reports.
The objective was on developing a platform to allow analysts to focus on delivering real insight not just reporting metrics and increase revenues from a new analytic function within the company.
Achieving this objective reduced cost and allowed the agency to target new revenue streams through the ‘productisation’ of analysis.

The solution was based on the pluggable, open platform from Pentaho that created a flexible analytics solution to support existing infrastructures and make best use of the current evolving data technologies.
Pentaho was selected as it allowed the agency to produce consistent high quality ready-to-analyse data. In addition the parallel processing engine in Pentaho was a perfect fit for the time to analysis required.

Today the agency can combine several different data sources and visualise the insight on a dashboard in hours rather than days. Analysis and insight can be delivered in various forms from dashboards to interactive reports. A robust and configurable set of processes and practices provides greater data governance.
The agency now delivers a simplified on boarding process for their clients with optimised analytics tailored to specific business requirements.

We could go on adding further details on our work but we hope that you are the next company to be added to Our recent work.

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HOSTED TEST ENVIRONMENT - Access our hosted demo and test environment and work with a pre-developed data set or use your own to experience the Pentaho Platform.

BUILD A PROOF OF CONCEPT (POC) - Often when engaging in a new project, it is important to develop one or more POC systems before deciding on the architecture and design of the final deliverable. We can work with you to develop a POC system that will:

· Develop a very clear understanding of requirements
· Understand the capabilities and limitations of Pentaho or other new technologies
· Help to assess design decisions early in the process
· Visualise early in the process the look-and-feel of the solution
· Reduce the overall risk of project failure

DEVELOP A MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT - We can work with you to rapidly develop a solution to meet a minimum viable product methodology to get value as early as possible in the implementation cycle.


We often work as part of your existing team and take a leading role in the development and knowledge transfer to get your team supporting your platform as early as possible.


Migrating from one version of Pentaho or another business intelligence platform to Pentaho is never a simple task. We can provide support with best practice and deeper knowledge transfer to reduce the time, complexity and costs in migrating. Adding workshops to understand the additional features and functionality increases awareness of the potential business value in migrating.




Use our expertise to deliver or support your Pentaho project. We can work as part of your team or deliver the entire project for you.


As one of the very few Pentaho Certified Partners in the UK, we are able to fulfill all aspects of Pentaho licensing including options for new, upgrading and renewing.


We are able to host and manage your entire infrastructure and allow you to concentrate on getting the most from your data. We can deliver managed and hybrid hosting of your Pentaho solution.


As a certified Pentaho partner you access platform support from us. We also provide traditional support contracts and advanced support based on your skill gaps.


We deliver a range of training options that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Onsite, offsite, one to one or one to many. Training can be followed by Pentaho certification and is designed to help you get the very best from your Pentaho investment.

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