Making Data. Work
Creating business assets that work for you, helping to innovate what you do and how you do it with data
What we do
Our customer use cases
Global knowledge share and client on-boarding

Sharing our expertise on Pentaho with a global analytics company. We support the client on boarding process by training their customer engineering teams while delivering advance concepts workshops to intern engineering teams.

Geospatial Analysis for Benchmark Performance


Algorithms built to determine geospatial values and allow peer group benchmarking based on online performance.

Building global data pipelines for analysts in regions


Building a common data platform that allowed analysts in region to consume, version control and govern analytical models more efficiently. Utilising team skills and shared models.

We help you design the data you need

Our Customers


How we do it


We design our approach to be as efficient and effective as possible.

In working with data across technologies and platforms we provide expertise at every touch point with your company.

How we work with data

From data integration to data science we discuss what we do

The technologies we use

Outlining the technologies we use and how often we use them

The way we work with you

Agile and Lean, as well as a few other methodologies for best practice

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We have several open opportunities and are always looking for great people.

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