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HOSTED TEST ENVIRONMENT - Access our hosted demo and test environment and work with a pre-developed data set or use your own to experience the Pentaho Platform.

BUILD A PROOF OF CONCEPT (POC) - Often when engaging in a new project, it is important to develop one or more POC systems before deciding on the architecture and design of the final deliverable. We can work with you to develop a POC system that will:

· Develop a very clear understanding of requirements
· Understand the capabilities and limitations of Pentaho or other new technologies
· Help to assess design decisions early in the process
· Visualise early in the process the look-and-feel of the solution
· Reduce the overall risk of project failure

DEVELOP A MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT - We can work with you to rapidly develop a solution to meet a minimum viable product methodology to get value as early as possible in the implementation cycle.


We often work as part of your existing team and take a leading role in the development and knowledge transfer to get your team supporting your platform as early as possible.


Migrating from one version of Pentaho or another business intelligence platform to Pentaho is never a simple task. We can provide support with best practice and deeper knowledge transfer to reduce the time, complexity and costs in migrating. Adding workshops to understand the additional features and functionality increases awareness of the potential business value in migrating.




Use our expertise to deliver or support your Pentaho project. We can work as part of your team or deliver the entire project for you.


As one of the very few Pentaho Certified Partners in the UK, we are able to fulfill all aspects of Pentaho licensing including options for new, upgrading and renewing.


We are able to host and manage your entire infrastructure and allow you to concentrate on getting the most from your data. We can deliver managed and hybrid hosting of your Pentaho solution.


As a certified Pentaho partner you access platform support from us. We also provide traditional support contracts and advanced support based on your skill gaps.


We deliver a range of training options that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Onsite, offsite, one to one or one to many. Training can be followed by Pentaho certification and is designed to help you get the very best from your Pentaho investment.

You can find us here

Unit C11.2, 40 Martell Road, Dulwich, London, SE21 8EN.