A Pentaho Focus


Layer 9 deliver and support the full Pentaho experience to our customers. Haviing worked with business intelligence software for 10 years, Layer 9 have developed a service offering based on the Pentaho Open Platform. Here we discuss the reasons why we have focused our efforts on Pentaho.

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Big Data

Everyone is talking about Big Data, just set up a google alert and watch your inbox fill up with definitions of what it is, who is doing it and why their solution is best.

Here Pentaho shares their experiences with big data through a series of blueprints based on the projects that are being funded by companies who use the Pentaho platform.

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A Pentaho Focus


Layer 9 deliver a range of services designed to support you through every stage of your business analytics journey.

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Example of our work


Organisation get value from data in many different ways. Here we discuss a few examples of the work we have done to help organisation gain insight from data and the impact it has had on their business.

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