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Reducing the complexity of data integration and removing the barriers typically seen when striving to gain insight from data. A simple set up; Intuitive graphical designer; No extra code generation; Over 100 out-of-the-box mapping objects, including a many big data features spoecifically taregting managing change and complexity. PDI is truly modern and extensible; 100% Java for cross-platform deployment; Pluggable architecture for adding connectors, transformations and user-defined expressions. ..
Business Analytics provides analytics from reporting to data visualization and predictive analytics in a complete platform. Inherently open, Pentaho is fast to deploy, easy to use and extremely cost-effective. Users can create reports and dashboards, visualize and analyze data across multiple dimensions without dependence on IT or developers...
Powerful, state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, data processing tools and sophisticated analytics uncover meaningful patterns and correlations that are hidden with standard analysis and reporting...
Within a single platform our solution provides visual big data analytics tools to extract, prepare and blend your data plus the visualizations and analytics that will change the way you run your business. Regardless of the data source, analytic requirement or deployment environment, Pentaho allows you to turn big data into big insights...




 Organisations get value from data in many different ways

You can read a few examples of how we have made data work for our customers


   The Challenge

Reducing operational cost and developing new revenue streams.

Our customer, a leading media buying agency, was able to reduce the cost of on-boarding and managing customers, who rely on the agency to warehouse, manage, inject media data, analyse and report on performance as well as forecast modelling.

Operationalising the ingestion of multiple data sources and maintaining the integrity of data for continuous reporting alone can take days and when delivering reports across a reporting cycle; daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and so on, stretches resources. This has been a huge challenge in time and effort resulting in analysts spending too much time on data integrity and producing reports.

Developing a platform to allow analysts to focus on delivering real insight not just reporting metrics was the overall objective of the project.

Achieving this objective alone reduced cost and allowed the agency to target new revenue streams through the ‘productisation’ of analysis.

The Solution

The solution is based on a pluggable, open platform from Pentaho that creates a flexible analytics solution to support existing infrastructures and make best use of the current evolving data technologies. 

Pentaho was selected as it allowed the agency to produce consistent high quality ready-to-analyse data. In addition the parallel processing engine in Pentaho was a perfect fit for the time to analysis required.

The Results

Today the agency can combine several different data sources and visualise the insight on a dashboard in hours rather than days. Analysis and insight can be delivered in various forms from dashboards to interactive reports. A robust and configurable set of processes and practices provides greater data governance.

     The agency now delivers a simplified on boarding process for their clients with optimised analytics tailored to specific business requirements.

The Challenge

Content management and business intelligence drive performance to reduce customer churn.

Following increased pressure from competitive forces the board focused the business goals towards the need to keep existing customers happy and at the same time improve performance and operational efficiency to maintain profitability.

Our customer, a global service provider needed to understand how their quality control systems; in particular, their customer services function was performing.

Following a detailed discovery phase a number of performance objectives were defined.

          Reduce annual penalty fees by 20%

          Reduce reactive cost of unforeseen resource impacts  

          Reduce time taken to perform manual tasks by improving process

          Consolidate and reduce the cost of the IT business function

The Solution

Following the evaluation period, Pentaho was chosen to replace Oracle for business intelligence and Alfresco introduced for content management.

By adopting an open architecture the company were able to plug in interfaces across many systems creating a joined up understanding of performance.

In consolidating their IT systems a higher level of business process could be implemented through automation and better system integration. This also allowed the development of auditing and logging features that alerted system administrators in the event of a process not being completed in time. 

By developing operational reporting and decision driven insight on a centralized platform the company provided a unified context on performance to users.

The Results

Today this service company has dramatically reduced the licensing, support and future maintenance costs compared to previous years.

Analysis and reporting against performance criteria across the whole business function has created a proactive service that means the operational team can remove issues before they even arise. 

As a result of these improvements the company reduced reduces penalty fixed over and above their target. 







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