AMS Media

AMS Media Group (AMS) is one of the UK’s longest established media agencies. Founded in 1975 and remaining 100% independent, AMS is a specialist media planning and buying agency.

Through the support of Layer 9 and the introduction of the Pentaho platform, the quality and speed of data integration across customers and sources, reporting and visual analysis has been greatly improved.

Amanda Collins

Director of research, ams


  • The services offered by AMS need to be highly flexible to cover a vast array of data points, mix-ing and transforming many data sources, injecting analysis models and reporting in different for-mats.
  • AMS delivers these services through their subsidiary analytics business Vision. Vision allows clients to warehouse data, manage data, inject media data, analyse and report performance as well as forecasting.
  • Operationalising the ingestion of multiple data sources and maintaining the integrity of data for continuous reporting alone can take days and when delivering reports across a reporting cycle; daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and so on, stretches resources. This has been a huge challenge in time and effort resulting in analysts spending too much time on data integrity and producing reports.
  • Developing a platform to allow analysts to focus on delivering real insight not just re-porting metrics was the overall objective of the project.


  • Working together with Layer 9, AMS have de-veloped a solution that delivers end to end, da-ta to visualisation and insight for clients.
  • The solution is based on a pluggable, open plat-form from Pentaho that creates a flexible ana-lytics solution to support existing infrastruc-tures and make best use of the current evolving data technologies.
  • Pentaho was selected as it allowed AMS to pro-duce consistent high quality ready-to-analyse data. In addition the parallel processing engine in Pentaho was a perfect fit for the time to analysis required by AMS.
  • While the platform is feature rich in function it is also highly customisable and can be extended to meet a diverse number of needs from simple data ingestion, cleaning, analysis to sophisticat-ed statistical or predictive analysis.
  • A significant benefit is the ability to gain insight into the relationships and impacts across the business within the data. As many AMS clients have access to data across businesses and from different systems, Analysts can develop multi-dimensional models and analyse data from sev-eral perspectives.


  • AMS now deliver a simplified on boarding process for their clients with optimised ana-lytics tailored to specific business require-ments.
  • A robust and configurable set of processes and practices provides greater data govern-ance.
  • Analysis and insight can be delivered in vari-ous forms from dashboards to interactive reports.
  • Today AMS can combine several different data sources and visualise the insight on a dashboard in hours rather than days.
  • A typical benefit to their client base has been the ability to see an integrated view of the customer journey, so when a client is advertising on TV, they can see an increase in website traffic and an increase in calls to the call centre came at any period of time after.


  • The Pentaho solution gave the skilled AIS developer team control over the platform to customize it for CERN’s complex security and data protection requirements, including the rule-based secure access levels.
  • Pentaho can be easily embedded into and customized for CERN’s various day-to-day operational systems
  • Pentaho’s modern, open Java-friendly platform supports CERN’s needs today and creates a future-proof environment to accommodate new technology and data types tomorrow
  • Pentaho Data Integration’s automated scripting saves developers considerable time compared to previous manual-intensive ETL environment