Organizations face an increasing challenge to manage and extract value from a growing variety and volume of data. With Pentaho Data Integration (PDI), organizations can access data from complex and heterogeneous sources and blend it with existing relational data to produce high quality ready-to-analyze information – all without writing a line of code. A rich graphical user interface paired with a powerful multi-threaded transformation engine offer high performance ETL (extract, transform and load) capabilities that cover all data integration needs, including big data ingestion and processing.


Intuitive drag and drop interface to simplify the creation of analytic data pipelines 

Broad connectivity to virtually any data source, including flat files, RBDMS, big data, APIs, and more 

Integration with transactional databases including Oracle, DB2, Postgres, MySQL, and others 

Access to data in enterprise applications including, Google Analytics, and more 

Rich library of pre-built components to access, prepare, blend, and cleanse data 

Direct access to complete analytics, including charts, visualizations, and reporting from any step of PDI 

Robust orchestration capabilities to coordinate complex workflow, including scheduling and alerts 

Integration of advanced analytic models from R, Python, and Weka into the data flow 

Enterprise-grade administration, scalability, and security capabilities

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