How we work with you
One of the key factors in making data work for your business is the ability to move and transform data between systems, applications and processes.

Being agile

We are strong believers in agile.

As a small company growing rapidly we have had to be as agile as possible to ensure we are continuously developing.

We are not just agile in the way we deliver with you but the way we work across all areas including training and development of everyone that works at Layer 9.

But we also understand we have to be as efficient as possible and that is why when we work with you we are flexible enough to find the best way of working together.

Some things don’t change like;

Working really closely with you and short feedback cycles to make sure we are all on track hourly, daily, weekly against our shared objectives.

Taking ownership and being accountable for what we say we will deliver and when.

Continuously delivering while keeping an eye on what is really valuable for the future.

Being lean

As a data driven company and with a team that loves solving problems we have naturally leaned towards Lean Six Sigma. 

Ultimately, we are trying to find the most efficient ways of defining the value of the work we are being asked to do, so it is always measurable and well known to everyone participating. 

We are have well thought out and defined delivery models that provide you with the most transparent way to value what we do together. 

Our initial assessments are designed to focus on ways of improving delivery to meet business outcomes and a practical way of getting there, often through the initial delivery and building re-usable parts in the process, workflow and practices to then hand over to your teams. 

Being transformative

By thinking about ‘THE JOB TO BE DONE’  and how to make data better work for you we focus on transforming data so it meets your business goals. Whether that be on improving the customer experience, deliver new products and services, or reducing costs. 

In our experience the most transformative projects have gone across not just technical silos but also people and geographies. That is where we help. 

We help organisations to define, enable and enact a competitive response to the myriad disruptive forces they face. 

There’s no playbook, no magic set of rules to guarantee successful business transformation; all businesses are unique, and so are the situations they face. But we have many years of practical experience in guiding all kinds of organisation through complex challenges; we put all that experience into practical, actionable steps that are directly linked to the business outcomes our client is looking to achieve.

We help lead large-scale business transformation from front to back, neatly linking all the associated activity – from initial strategy, to determining how success will be measured (and what value will be created), to the work required to deliver it all.

Transformation is much more than digital strategy

In today’s business environment, the majority of transformations display a heavy bias towards digital initiatives – whether to transform the customer experience, deliver new products and services, or reduce costs 

However, although digital transactions are increasing exponentially, they’re still only one method people use to interact with services. When considering what the customer actually wants to achieve, it’s important to note that different channels are each suited to different kinds of objective, and customers often prefer to use non-digital channels according to their current need. Websites, social platforms, phone lines, post, bricks and mortar; all relevant channels should be considered, considering factors such as emotion, complexity and value.

One common issue we see within organisations is that the different channels are developed in isolation, leading to a lack of overarching vision around the overall customer experience (and consequently, an experience that is inconsistent and inefficient).


We deliver value continuously and charge you accordingly.

We start small – It’s best to start a transformation with a highly capable team of just a few people. They can focus on really understanding the challenge faced, ensuring your transformation journey sets off in the right direction.

We prize results, not methods – We concentrate on what a given piece of work will actually achieve for you (and how we can measure the outcome, so we know it’s been achieved).

We make it all make sense – Our transformation work ensures there is always a clear connection between your strategy, your KPIs, the factors driving the change, and the eventual work. This keeps everyone informed and motivated – from senior leadership, all the way to those at the coalface.