Train my team

Our trainers really are experts and have delivered many projects. As a result we are able to match training to your exact needs. Even when delivering fundamental training packages to customers we can provide insights supporting your specific requirements. We also provide tailor made sessions in workshops based on topics designed with you. We have delivered training to teams across the world with onsite and virtual classrooms.

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Get analytics as a service

If you are looking for a service that reduces the complexity and barriers to getting value from preparing and analysing your data we can provide a pre-configured, secure and ready to run service for running analytics from within the Amazon cloud.

Resource my projects with experts or call in the SWAT team

We can supplement your team from architects to junior developers. We are most effective when you need a team with different capabilities to deliver against your goals as one fluid entity. This saves you time and money as you do not have any idle resources and the team are optimised from the first day working with you.

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Work with you as a government organisation

As a G-Cloud Digital Marketplace Supplier we support the Government’s ICT strategy for core data integration and business intelligence. We do this through the deployment of open source technologies and standards. We deliver through a service offering that includes hosting a platform, licensing, engineering, advice, training, knowledge handover and support. Further details can be found on the marketplace SAAS supplier list.

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Optimise my platform for new objectives

If you want to define a new strategy or review an existing one there are not many environments and projects failures we have not been exposed to. Understanding what works and what does not is invaluable in preparing or reviewing where you are and how to get there.

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get some help from time to time when I need it

We are a very flexible and provide support and knowledge transfer in several different ways. Typically, and the most popular by far, this has been provided within a service agreement that allows you to call off resources when needed. This gives you piece of mind and allows us to support you in the best way we can.

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