Once the data foundation is in place we can provide a number of options for accessing your information to perfectly suit your needs; from Pixel Perfect Reports, Analyzers, Interactive Reports, Self-Service and Custom Dashboards you can support any user, while minimising dependence on the IT department.

We have experience of delivering many variations in representing information, the following explains a few;

Several of our reporting sets or formats are custom built and based on the CTOOLS framework.

KPI’s and Interfaces providing visibility to your customers are particularly good examples of where this custom build is most effective. They are best utilised when delivering persistence KPI’s and/or providing the wow factor to customers.

We can provide analysis reporting and development through a number of plug-ins providing a web based, drag-and-drop canvas to interrogate data and build reports.

For reports in PDF, Excel, HTML, Text, Rich-Text-File, XML and CSV we can transform all your data into meaningful information, tailored to your audience with pixel-perfect reports. 

Creating self service dashboards could not be easier with the self service plug in.

The dashboard is collections of other content components displayed together with the goal of providing a centralized view of information, for example KPI’s or other business data movements, letting users monitor them and make decisions. Content components are usually individual graphs and charts., tables, OLAP views or reports.

The intuitive, drag-and-drop, web-based design environment for Interactive Reports enables you to quickly add elements to your report and format them any way you like. You do need any special expertise to use Interactive Reports and you can display Interactive Reports in a dashboard.


We are able to develop this type of dashboard to meet your exact requirements. The example shown are embedded Key Performance Metrics for several thousand customers. Typically, the dashboard is added to with new metrics and features every few months.

Interfaces are ideally suited to situations where you want to remove multiple interfaces for the user and have one consistent user experience irrespective of the underlying backend systems. Providing a gateway to different systems and data or when moving from a legacy system and transitioning to a new system.


A web based, drag-and-drop OLAP viewer. It allows a user to visually create queries by dragging parts of a defined schema (Dimensions and Measures) onto a canvas.

Once on the canvas filtering, sorting, creating calculated members from other measures, exporting the result table to PDF or MS Excel, and graphing the data can be done by the user.


Create pixel-perfect reports from Invoicing, stock lists or sales reports from your data in any forma from PDF to RTF. 

These computer generated reports easily refine data from various sources into a readable form and can be built to provide anything from invoicing solutions to standardised monthly reporting sets.

This type of report is best for displaying columns of information in a list form. The user can add filters, measures and calculations and customise the look and feel.


The plug-in simplifies dashboard creation through the use of layout templates, drag-and-drop interaction and a GUI for providing parameters and inputs to dashboard components.


Datasheets, articles, whitepapers and blog posts on visualizing data ready for the business can be found here