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Case Study

Building data driven behaviour from the inside out

A platform across all operations and customers allow a focus on delivering real change in environmental performance 

The challenges faced

Our customer has seen many changes since its humble beginnings after the first world war. Typically, a process driven company they had the foresight to understand the impact that data was having on their business model and relationship with customers. In having the foresight and openness in exploring the possibilities with data, they developed a strategy that would drive theirs and their customers decision making with data.
As with many companies they needed to integrate large amounts of disparate data from proprietary systems at various operational facilities and sites, partners, government agencies, as well as ERP and sales systems. Needing to draw on different data sets and produce reports, dashboards and analysis to meet the diverse information needs and technical abilities of users.
A bigger challenge lay ahead in using information to drive a change in the perception of what the value of the company is and how to create a change in action from employees and customers.
The vision far exceeded customers’ needs to meet regulatory compliance and performance reporting but aimed to support a new behaviour to inspire customers to surpass compliance goals and achieve far greater environmental and economic benefits.


Having a long-standing partnership with our customer, Layer9, has overtime developed and evolved a reporting and insight service with the following building blocks.
ETL platform capable of ingesting data into the data warehouse from several sources.
A custom-built portal presenting reporting and insight to customers covering information on the full lifecycle customer engagement including key performance indicators, reporting on service, trends over time, financial reporting, access to key documentation and direct support.
Self-service reporting services platform built on a Microsoft data and analytics platform for various operations within the business from performance indicators and triggers to the boardroom to job level details to the facilities and sites.

The value

Moving to a data-driven mindset means our customer is achieving its goal of employees and customers collaborating and agreeing how to develop more sustainable actions based on the insights from their data. No longer just providing a service but developing a more valuable and consultative information driven model to service their customers.
Future-proofing the enterprise data warehouse ready to integrate any future data that it or its customers need to support data-driven decision making. Layer 9 have already managed a change in the ERP platform whilst maintaining a single version of the truth in the data and service to customers and the business through the change.