Services with data

Getting data ready for business
One of the key factors in making data work for your business is the ability to move and transform data between systems, applications and processes.

Architecting data to meet business requirements

Ensuring you have the right data at the right time requires careful planning and expertise. We support you with the right frameworks and data platforms with rich orchestration and control matching your data to support business processes and best practices. A benefit of this approach is delivering efficiencies and speed through standardisation, automation and control.

Connecting dispersed data and managing diversity, change and volume

As you face increasing challenges to manage and extract value from a growing variety and volume of data, we work with you to build platforms that can access data from complex and heterogeneous sources and blend it with existing relational data to produce high quality ready to analyze information – all without writing a line of code.

Aces in there places, spend less time preparing data and more time analysing the results

Rich graphical user interface paired with a powerful multi-threaded transformation engine offer high performance ETL (extract, transform and load) capabilities that cover all data integration needs, including big data ingestion and processing. Resulting in data reaching its intended target and ready to be used.

Reporting, analysis and insight
Once the data foundation is in place we can provide a number of options for accessing your information to perfectly suit your needs; from Pixel Perfect Reports, Analyzers, Interactive Reports, Self-Service and Custom Dashboards you can support any user, while minimising dependence on the IT department.

Custom Dashboards

We are able to develop this type of dashboard to meet your exact requirements. The example shown are embedded Key Performance Metrics for several thousand customers. Typically, the dashboard is added to with new metrics and features every few months.

Self-Service Dashboards

The plug-in simplifies dashboard creation through the use of layout templates, drag-and-drop interaction and a GUI for providing parameters and inputs to dashboard components.


Interfaces are ideally suited to situations where you want to remove multiple interfaces for the user and have one consistent user experience irrespective of the underlying backend systems. Providing a gateway to different systems and data or when moving from a legacy system and transitioning to a new system.


A web based, drag-and-drop OLAP viewer. It allows a user to visually create queries by dragging parts of a defined schema (Dimensions and Measures) onto a canvas.

Pixel Perfect Reports

Create pixel-perfect reports from Invoicing, stock lists or sales reports from your data in any forma from PDF to RTF.