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Supporting smarter decisions


We follow a set of guiding principles when we deliver, linking to our company aims: value, trust, and frictionless engagement.

We build value by developing what must be developed to get to value as effectively and efficiently as possible, we develop trust with open communicating and creating tools that surface and manages risk from the very beginning of any engagement.

We have worked across different agile methodologies, project management and even invested time in lean six sigma. However, being collaborative and open we try to find the most productive and risk averse way of delivering with our customers.

Specialising in data means that we use data to support decisions even in projects delivered and often build visual components to support projects, that can be in Jira, MS. Teams or other collaborative platforms.

At heart we are problem solvers and spend as much time understanding the problems and realising potential ways to solve them. We try to understand the problem with a certainty in solving the problem before producing a cost. In this way we try to make sure there are no unforeseen costs once a project gets underway.

We work very closely with our customers and apply the principles whether onsite or offsite.

However, we are flexible enough to fit into various methods of delivery or support the development of agile, devops or quality assurance with the companies we work with.

We can introduce simple best practices when we deliver, several best practices from our experiences can be found in the quality assurance blueprint. We have also delivered many evaluations, innovation labs and proof of concepts. Examples of resources used during workshops and labs.