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360 View of data


Building smart support

AMS Media Group

Unified analytics platform


AWS Architecture

Technology rebuild


Global analyst pipelines 

Full Stack

Becoming data driven

Supply chain

Automating supply processes


Reference architecture for reusable components


Location-based analysis helping hotel booking decision-makers understand how they compare against their competition. Analysis based on customer selection variables that work in one place and not another.


Developing seasonality forecasting to predict supply demand. Using various data sources from sales demand, production, product cycle times, sporting, social or political events. 


Architecting and building company profitability reporting across company operations with different views of profitability to meet operational requirements.

Track and trace

A high end luxury brand needed a mechanism for tracking during and post manufacture of their products to prevent fraud. Printing and tracing RFID tags a distributed printing environment.


MVP based custom dashboard development to analysis customer and competitive platform click through rates and goal completion rates for a global travel agency.

Model students

A solution that reports on and predicts HEI performance, risk and costs.  Using statistical techniques in order to identify patterns to reduce student not turn ups, student drops outs and remove the risks in duty of care.

Universal DP

A data platform supporting several data models and analysis in an agnostic environment using a meta-data driven approach. Built to allow the focus on getting value from a service and not focusing on the challenges of getting data ready for a service.


A solution that credits sales back to the online media sources that influenced customer decisions to buy or engage with a brand.  Models to identify optimal conversion patterns of a digital footprints. 


Delivering architecture and engineering workshops tailored to your needs. We have structured courses for beginners through to advanced courses for  architects. We have delivered courses on behalf of Pentaho.

QA Blueprint

Providing a working framework that takes the form of a Quality Management Blueprint (QMB) providing a set of working practices to be implemented in all projects. Those practices deliver quality control measures to meet quality assurance goals.

Supply chain

Architecting and building a reference platform with re-usable components allowing the rapid on-boarding of new customers and old customers across solutions.