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Supporting smarter decisions


Our expertise is focused on data services. This might include delivering one, or a combination of, data architecture, warehousing (old and new), migrating and integrating data, analytics, visualisation and some data science.

We help you develop a deep understanding of the base ingredient: the data.

Before you start out on your data initiatives, we help you discover, curate, categorise, share data assets, data sets, analytical models and their relationships with your organisation.

We develop data catalogues as a single source of truth for data engineers, data stewards, data scientists and business analysts to gain access to and use data they can trust.

Today we build fully automated pipelines moving data from one system to another. The data may or may not be transformed, it may be processed in real time. We have developed pipelines that need to be processed in a continuous flow, such as data from RFID readers tracking assets on vehicles or moving through production lines.

Data is not always loaded into a database or data warehouse but an AWS bucket or a data lake. In some instances, we have built triggers with a webhook to kick off a specific business process.

For some of our customers we have built web apps, dashboards and visualisations. Dynamic, interactive data web apps where both technical and non-technical users draw out stories and insights from their data. Developed tailored dashboards, with clearly defined user journeys are often better the generic off-the-shelf dashboard products. Often being far more visually appealing especially if you are showcasing your company to customers.

We have developed custom built dashboards with forecasting tools for predicting supply chain demand to forecast expenditure in assets based on purchasing, production and event data.

Our predictive modelling solutions are developed with graph technologies to automate customer product recommendations, to intricate segmentation analysis.

We work with clients to develop a wide array of visualisation products —geospatial, temporal, multidimensional, hierarchical, network and other special-purpose visuals.

Our portfolio of business intelligence services includes consulting, integration of all major technology applications, managed services and cloud-based systems.

Creating data requires strong skills in data engineering, statistics, machine learning and data visualisation. We work across these areas to help you structure the data, find the insights and create outcomes that matter for your business.